Austin | My First Opentype SVG Font!

Ola my friends, it’s been a while and a lot of things have happened! I going to do a separate post about life updates + future goals, because in this one I want to talk all about my new passion: OpenSVG fonts!

You might have heard of them already, they are a new format and very trending right now.

What’s the difference between an OpenSVG font and a normal one?

SVG fonts are basically made out of images (bitmaps), which is why you also call them bitmap fonts. Normal fonts are made out of vectors. Using images instead of vectors means that you can have transparency and actual “texture” (not real texture ya know, but it looks like texture), for example wet paint look, watercolour and a lot more!

Your text can actually look like lettering done with a real brush and paint – amazing, right?

It took me a while, lots of paper and lots of angry nights to figure out how to all do it but at the end I figured it out!

So say hello to “Austin”, my first OpenSVG child – eh, font.

I’m totally in love with these kind of fonts, I’m working on 5 new ones simultaneously and cut my sleep down from 8 to 4 hours.

You can buy “Austin” here.

Austin SVG Font
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